Quags - Heel Cushions - Heel inserts

For Fat Pad Atrophy, Plantar Fasciitis, and Severs Disease.

Quags- the best heel cushion available.  Quags are made of polyurethane the best Shock absorber.

Sever's Disease pad

Quag heel insert
                             Top View

Quags come as a left and right pair.

Indications:  Sever's Disease, Calcaneal Apophysitis, Heel Pain, Fat Pad Atrophy.


Size Fits Women's Shoe Fits Men's Shoe Item Number Buy Online
Small 3 - 6 up to-5 Q-1001
Medium 7-10 6-7 Q-1002
Large 11-12  8-9 Q-1003
X-Large 13-15  10 - 14 Q-1004




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